Béla Gipp, Jöran Beel & Ivo Rössling 
ePassport: The World's New Electronic Passport

A Report About the ePassport’s Benefits, Risks and its Security

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ePassport: The World's New Electronic Passport
ePassport: Book Cover
Contrary to information from the (German) governement the book shows that the actual security of Basic Access Control often is not the claimed 56 Bit but significantely lower. The following two tables display the actual security (click images to enlarge). For an detailed explanation see Chapter 5, page 61+62.
Actual Basic Access Control Security (Unknown number of passport)
Actual Basic Access Control Security (Partly known number of passport)

Two years after publishing the very first book about the world's new electronic passport 'ePassport', the authors Jöran Beel, Béla Gipp, and Ivo Rössling publish a completely edited version of their book in English. The new book 'ePassport: The World's New Electronic Passport' describes the basic details of the ePassport, gives a thorough overview of the technical specifications and then provides an in-depth analysis considering both, chances and risks of the new technology. Beside the explanation and analysis of biometric passports in general the introduction of the ePassport in Germany is considered in particular.

Among others the book shows that some fears of data protectionists are unsubstantiated. On the other hand, the book reveals disinformation by the German Governement and that the security of the Basic Access Control usually is significantely lower than the promoted 56 Bit. For more details on the book read the table of content or have a look at the free excerpts.

Former IBM Manager and biometric expert Henning Arendt recommends the book to "all those who as mature citizens of any country introducing the ePassport, feel a need for reading up on this topic, but specifically to all those persons responsible for the next stages of the ePassport".

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